Aaron Swartz

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aaron paul
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aaron swartz
aaron eckhart
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aaron rodgers

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Wiki info

On January 13, 2013, members of Anonymous hacked two websites on the MIT domain, replacing them with tributes to Swartz that called on members of the Internet community to use his death as a rallying point for the open access movement. The banner included a list of demands for improvements in the U. S. copyright system, along with Swartz's Guerilla Open Access Manifesto. [148] On the night of January 18, 2013, MIT's e-mail system was taken offline for ten hours. [149] On January 22, e-mail sent to MIT was redirected by hackers Aush0k and TibitXimer to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology. All other traffic to MIT was redirected to a computer at Harvard University that was publishing a statement headed "R. I. P Aaron Swartz,"[150] with text from a 2009 posting by Swartz,[151] accompanied by a chiptune version of "The Star-Spangled Banner". MIT regained full control after about seven hours. [152] In the early hours of January 26, 2013, the U. S. Sentencing Commission website, USSC. gov, was hacked by Anonymous. [153][154] The home page was replaced with an embedded YouTube video, Anonymous Operation Last Resort. The video statement said Swartz "faced an impossible choice". [155][156] A hacker downloaded "hundreds of thousands" of scientific-journal articles from a Swiss publisher's website and republished them on the open Web in Swartz's honor a week before the first anniversary of his death. [157]