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Aaron Rodgers Clavicola Rotta
Alyson Stoner Il 2018
Tatuaggio Di Andromeda
Trambusto Americano Amy Adams Balla Cristiana
Giocattolo Di Cane Esquimese Americano
Logotipo Di Amministrazione Di Regolazione Agricolo
Alicia Vikander Stile Stradale
Una Scena Di Metodo Pericolosa
Gli Alan Tudyk Lo Distruggono Ralph

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aaron carter
aaron carter instagram
aaron eisenberg
aaron carter schizophrenie
aaron troschke
aaronitischer segen
aaron paul

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Manifesti Di Minimalista Di Aladdin
Andrew Francis
Alexa Chung Stile Stradale Tumblr
Adam Levine Significato Di Tatuaggi Di Petto
Allison Janney Spiaggia
Aladdin E Gelsomino

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The books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers maintain that Aaron received from God a monopoly over the priesthood for himself and his male descendants (Exodus 28:1). The family of Aaron had the exclusive right and responsibility to make offerings on the altar to Yahweh. The rest of his tribe, the Levites, were given subordinate responsibilities within the sanctuary (Numbers 3). Moses anointed and consecrated Aaron and his sons to the priesthood, and arrayed them in the robes of office (Leviticus 8; cf. Exodus 28-29). He also related to them God's detailed instructions for performing their duties while the rest of the Israelites listened (Leviticus 1-7, 11-27). Aaron and his successors as high priest were given control over the Urim and Thummim by which the will of God could be determined (Exodus 28:30). God commissioned the Aaronide priests to distinguish the holy from the common and the clean from the unclean, and to teach the divine laws (the Torah) to the Israelites (Leviticus 10:10-11). The priests were also commissioned to bless the people (Numbers 6:22-27). When Aaron completed the altar offerings for the first time and, with Moses, "blessed the people: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto all the people: And there came a fire out from before the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat [which] when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces" (Leviticus 9:23-24). In this way, the institution of the Aaronide priesthood was established.