Aberforth Dumbledore

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aberforth dumbledore
aberforths pub
aberforth dumbledore voller name
aberforth pub
aberforth dumbledore schauspieler
aberforths pup
aberforth dumbledore ziegen

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Twelve years later, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius sees a picture of the Weasley family on the front cover of the Daily Prophet taken from the then Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, in which a rat stands perched on Ron's shoulder. The rat is Ron's pet, Scabbers, and Sirius recognizes Pettigrew in his Animagus form, seeing a toe was missing. This knowledge clears his mind and enables him to escape Azkaban. He accomplishes this feat by transforming into his Animagus dog form. His severe weight loss from malnutrition and the Dementors' inability to differentiate between unsophisticated canine emotions and insanity allows him to slip through his cell bars. After his escape, Sirius takes refuge in and around Hogsmeade. Knowing that the Dementors are stationed around Hogsmeade and at Hogwarts, Sirius remains in his Animagus form during this time and is able to enter the Hogwarts grounds without being detected by the Dementors. He makes several unsuccessful attempts to kill Pettigrew until his presence is detected by the students and teachers of Hogwarts when he tries to enter Gryffindor Tower, and the school's security is increased. Towards the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry, Ron, and Hermione confront Sirius, and Harry attempts to kill him. Lupin, however, who has learned that Sirius is innocent after seeing Pettigrew's name on the Marauder's Map, prevents Harry from doing so. Scabbers is unmasked as Pettigrew, and Harry begins to view Sirius as a parental figure, with Sirius even offering to let Harry live with him. Events swiftly turn against him again – Pettigrew escapes and Sirius is captured by the Dementors at Hogwarts and sentenced to the "Dementor's Kiss". Harry and Hermione help him escape with Buckbeak, a hippogriff who had also been unjustly condemned.