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With previews beginning in February 2010, she made her Broadway debut as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker at the Circle in the Square Theatre. [56] Breslin has said that she was honored to play Keller,[57] who is one of her "biggest heroes". [58] The Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts, an advocacy group for blind and deaf actors, criticized the play's producers for not casting a deaf or blind actor in the role. Lead producer David Richenthal defended the decision, stating that he needed a well-known actress: "It's simply naïve to think that in this day and age, you'll be able to sell tickets to a play revival solely on the potential of the production to be a great show or on the potential for an unknown actress to give a breakthrough performance. "[59] Vision-impaired actress Kyra Siegel was cast as Breslin's understudy. [60] Breslin's performance was praised by critics;[61][62][63] Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that she "well portrays Helen's feral rebelliousness in the play's early sections and is deeply touching as her character's bond with her teacher grows. "[64] Ticket sales for the play, however, were considered disappointing, and the show closed in April 2010. [65][66]