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Arte Di Workshop Estranea
Annunci Pubblicitari Di Adidas Funzionanti
Gli Amanda Todd Il Funerale Aprono Il Cofanetto
Alice In Stampino Di Gatto Di Paese Delle Meraviglie
Gli Adrienne Williams Ingannano L'altezza
Klee Dell'Alaska Kai Confronto Di Dimensioni
Fotografia Di Lupo Sorprendente
Abra Mega Evoluzione
Bimbo Di Rana Di Albero Verde Americano
Armatura Del Corpo Greca Antica

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aldi süd
aldi nord
aldi talk
alex bahlsen stirbt bei flugzeugabsturz
aldi reisen

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Gli Andre Iguodala Inzuppano Su Yao Ming
Gli Adam Lambert Fotosparano Il 2012
Andre La Carta Da Parati Gigante
Camicie Di Aquila Americane Per Donne
Ontano E Cynthia
Citazioni Di Film Di Alfie
Solo Ragazza Che Sorride Innamorato

Wiki info

After hearing about the strange disappearances of his fellow passengers, Judd realized that what he had been told in his church before was true. Jesus had come back and he had been left behind. Afterwards, Judd got off his plane and met up with Bruce Barnes. Bruce was a pastor, believer, and the only member of the staff that had been left behind. He initially met other Left Behind protagonists Vicki Byrne, Lionel Washington, and Ryan Daley. As the four earned a liking to each other, they formed The Young Tribulation Force. He allowed Vicki, Ryan, and Lionel to stay at his house until they were forced to flee because of the Global Community. Bruce and Judd go on a few international trips, the last of these was taken shortly before Bruce's death. Following the earthquake and Ryan's death the Young Trib force live in a cave until they can escape to a safer hideout. Zeke then gives them a new ID. He resists going to the schoolhouse, as he and Vicki have a massive falling out. He eventually goes in order to warn the kids about Wormwood. Due to their disagreements Vicki lets him and Lionel go to the Gala in Israel. The trip was meant to last a week but actually lasted around three years. He fell in love with an Israeli girl named Nada, however she was shot. Before she died, she wrote him a letter saying how she felt like there was somebody back home that he loved. He realized she meant Vicki. He proposed to Vicki after his return, and they marry about a year before the Glorious Appearing, where he and Vicki are both in Jerusalem.