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In 1996, his release Muy Dentro de Mi Corazón was an instant success. Songs like "Moño negro", "Nube viajera" and "Abrazame" became hits in Mexico and several countries of Latin America. That same year he recorded "Puedes llegar", theme song for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, with singers Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada and Ricky Martin among others. In 1997, he recorded the album Me Estoy Enamorando, produced by Emilio Estefan, Jr. The music of the album is a fusion of bolero, romantic ballad, orchestral arrangements and a touch of Mexican mariachi that became popular in the Latin music sector. "Si Tú Supieras" was the most outstanding hit of that production, and it was chosen as the theme of the hit soap opera of the time, "Maria Isabel". It also conquered the U. S. market, lasting seven weeks at the top of Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. He became the first Latin singer to hold first place with three hits: "Si tu supieras" was followed by "En El Jardín" (with Gloria Estefan) and "No Sé Olvidar". Me Estoy Enamorando sold 2. 2 million copies worldwide and was nominated for Best Latin Pop Performance at the 40th Annual Grammy Awards. In December 1998, he recorded Christmas in Vienna VI with the tenor Plácido Domingo and Patricia Kaas. His performance was praised by the critics but it did not achieve much popularity among the audience.