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Wiki info

In October, just after turning 19, Mustafina competed at the 2013 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp. Prior to the competition, she had been sick for weeks and had been experiencing knee pain. In qualifications, she fell on her first tumbling pass on floor (two whips into a double Arabian) and crashed her second vault (round-off, half-on, full twist off), causing her to miss the finals in both events. However, she still qualified fifth for the all-around final with a score of 57. 165, fifth for uneven bars, and eighth for balance beam. In the all-around final, she finished third with a total of 58. 856 (14. 891 on vault, 15. 233 on uneven bars, 14. 166 on balance beam, and 14. 566 on floor),[74] behind Simone Biles and Kyla Ross of the United States, but well ahead of the fourth-place finisher, Larisa Iordache of Romania. In the uneven bars final, she scored 15. 033 and finished in third place, behind Huang Huidan and Ross. She also successfully debuted a new low to high bar transition: a full-twisting Maloney (or Seitz) caught in a mixed grip. She went on to win her first world beam title with a score of 14. 900, ahead of Ross and Biles. This made her the first gymnast since Svetlana Khorkina to win a world medal on every event.