Allison Pregler

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Wiki info

The site gained a wealth of personalities and shows, quickly reaching twenty plus. The first time the producers made an initiative to put each other in the same fictional universe (or "Reviewaverse", as was coined by one of its former producers) was with their first anniversary video, which was a twenty-minute fight between each other, with set up and dialogue only stating it was video game reviewers vs. movie reviewers, egged on by the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd rivalry that had been going at the time. A full-length site crossover movie was decided for the next year's anniversary. It ended up being a trilogy: Kickassia, which had the plot of the Critic getting a number of the personalities together to take over a micronation in Nevada; Suburban Knights, where the Critic got together much of the same personalities to find a mystical gauntlet via forced LARPing; and To Boldly Flee, where the Critic and TGWTG's cast travel to space to stop a cosmic anomaly and fight corporate villains.