Allison Stokke

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Wiki info

Images of Stokke competing in New York in early 2007 were taken by a journalist for a Californian track and field website and placed online. In May, the image was then re-posted by With Leather, a sports blog with a large male fanbase, remarking on the attractiveness of seventeen-year-old Stokke under the heading "Pole Vaulting is Sexy, Barely Legal". The photographer threatened to sue site owner Matt Ufford if he did not remove the image, but the article had already received significant attention and been posted at dozens of other websites. A tribute website to Stokke soon emerged with several images of her competing in the pole vault and, after these images spread via social media, internet fan groups attracted thousands of followers. Within several weeks, her photos had become such an internet phenomenon that they generated comment pieces nationally from The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, and internationally from British broadcaster the BBC, Australian daily The Sydney Morning Herald, and the German weekly Der Spiegel, in addition to more than one million search engine results. CBS also gave television coverage, using her story to highlight the dangers of the internet being used to publicly sexualize young people.