Amanda Lear

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Wiki info

She was introduced to the eccentric Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in Paris. The self-proclaimed enfant terrible in the world of art, before at the time some 40 years her senior, was struck by her looks and found a soul mate in her. She has since described their close and unconventional relationship as a "spiritual marriage" and remained Dalí's confidante, protégée and the closest friend through the next sixteen years. She would spend every summer with Dalí at his home at Port Lligat in Catalonia and accompany him and his wife on trips to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and New York. The model also took part in his art projects, posing for a number of Dalí's drawings and paintings, including The Dream of Hypnos (1965), Venus in Furs (1968), Angélique Rescued from the Dragon and Bateau Anthotropic. In UK, her acquaintances at this time included Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and fellow top models Twiggy, Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg. On 11 December 1965, the French model married Morgan Paul Lear, a Scottish architecture student, and adopted his name. In late 1966, she began dating Brian Jones whom she first met a year prior through Tara Browne. Their relationship inspired Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for the track « Miss Amanda Jones» from Between the Buttons, alluding the romance between Jones and Lear as she's described as "Ms. Jones".