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In 1936, Bailey and her sister Ina founded the Women’s Liberal Club (WLC), with the goal of helping women improve their employment opportunities, as rarely were women promoted for their qualifications, but instead by having to curry favour from prominent men. They believed that by improving the socio-economic status of women, they would improve their cultural and national pride. In 1939 WLC organized a conference to allow women to discuss the problems they faced. Issues they highlighted were that women were barred from participation in the Legislative Council; could not be appointed as officials, such as inspectors, jurors, justices of the peace, or police officers; were barred from upper positions in civil service jobs; and that racial discrimination impacted their employment opportunity. Bailey formalized these issues into recommendations, which were submitted to the governor in 1941 and led to a law prohibiting sex discrimination. The law allowed women to hold public office and eliminated employment bans for women.