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Pittura Di Elefante Acrilica
Amanda Seyfried Stile Occasionale
Principessa Di Fiamma Di Tempo Di Avventura E Principessa Bubblegum
Colonna Sonora Di Bellezza Americana
Stagione Di Comunità Di Pregiato Formaggio Di Latte Di Mucca Di Alison 5
Gli Alexa Vega Scorgono Bambini
Ahsoka Colorazione Di Pagine
Alessandra Torresani Caldo
Bullmastiff Americano Pitbull
Una Corsa Precipitosa Di Sangue Alla Scultura Principale

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anchorman stream
anchorman stream german
anchorman stream deutsch
anchorman 2 stream deutsch
anchorman 2 stream
anchorman 2
anchorman definition

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Uniforme Di Patriota Di Rivoluzione Americana
Ahh Mostri Reali Il Gromble
Mondo Sorprendente Di Gumball Nicole E Richard
Adrienne Bailon E Nuovo Ragazzo
Andre Cymone La Pietra
Umorismo Americano

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Anchors occupy a contestable role in news broadcasts. Some argue anchors have become sensationalized characters whose identities overshadow the news itself, while others cite anchors as necessary figureheads of "wisdom and truth" in the news broadcast. The role of the anchor has changed in recent years following the advent of satirical journalism and citizen journalism, both of which relocate the interpretation of truth outside traditional professional journalism, but the place anchormen and anchorwomen hold in American media remains consistent. "Just about every single major news anchor since the dawn of the medium after World War II has been aligned with show business," says Frank Rich, writer-at-large for New York Magazine, in a polemic against commoditized news reporting, "reading headlines to a camera in an appealing way is incentivized over actual reporting". Brian Williams, an anchor for NBC Nightly News, evidences this lapse in credibility generated by the celebration of the role of the anchor. In early 2015, Williams apologized to his viewers for fabricating stories of his experiences on the scene of major news events, an indiscretion resulting in a loss of 700,000 viewers for NBC Nightly News. David Folkenflik of NPR asserted that the scandal "corrodes trust in the anchor, in NBC and in the greater profession", exhibiting the way in which the credibility of the anchor extends beyond his or her literal place behind the news desk and into the expectation of the news medium at large. CBS's long-running nighttime news broadcast 60 Minutes displays this purported superfluousness of anchors, insofar as it has no central figurehead in favor of many correspondents with similarly important roles. Up-and-coming news networks like Vice Magazine's documentary-style reporting also eschew traditional news broadcast formatting in this way, suggesting an emphasis on on-site reporting and deemphasizing the importance of the solitary anchor in the news medium. In her essay, "News as Performance", Margaret Morse posits this connection between anchor persona newsroom as an interconnected identity fusing many aspects of the newsroom dynamic: