Andrew Keegan Ragazza Il 2018

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Wiki info

In 2014, Keegan founded Full Circle, a community spiritual center based out of Venice Beach, California. Vice characterized the organization as a "new religion", while other outlets called it a cult. In an interview, Keegan described the group as a "non-denominational spiritual community center where people of all beliefs and backgrounds come together to meditate, practice yoga, and engage artistically. " New York Magazine reported in March 2015 that "the actual theology of the group is tough to pin down, but it seems to loosely follow Hinduism—or at least Russell Brand's Sanskrit-tattoo version of it. " In May 2015, the Full Circle temple was raided by Californian Alcohol Beverage Control officers. The raid was apparently related to Full Circle's distribution of kombucha, a fermented beverage made from sweet black tea. A spokesperson for the temple stated that they were unaware that they needed a license to distribute kombucha. The organization closed its doors in June 2017. [failed verification]