Angela Simmons Ragazzo Del 2019

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Wiki info

Angela was the editor for Angela's Rundown, a monthly mini magazine targeted for youths of ages 14–19 which covers teen topics, style, music, and fashion that was distributed within Word Up! (magazine). The magazine also features fashion tips and in-depth celebrity "ugly duckling" interviews. Both magazines ceased publication in April 2012. She attended Fashion Institute of Technology for one year before dropping out to be a businesswoman. While dating rapper Bow Wow, she was featured in the music video for his single, Shortie Like Mine. On March 23, 2007, she launched Pastry Footwear with her older sister Vanessa, under their family's line of footwear named Run Athletics. The first product line released is the "Cake Collection", inspired by their favorite pastries. With sister Vanessa, she designs and runs the shoe brand. In late 2015, Angela made her solo designer debut with her own faux fur line called Foofi and Bella. As of 2016 she stars in the reality television program Growing Up Hip Hop, which she executive produces and stars in with Romeo Miller. Other cast members include: TJ Mizell, Kristinia DeBarge, Boogie Dash and Egypt Criss. In September 2016, she was engaged to Sutton Tennyson, and gave birth to a baby boy, Sutton Joseph Tennyson. In 2018, Tennyson and Simmons were no longer engaged. In November 2018, Sutton Tennyson was murdered in his driveway during a dispute.