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Alfonso Arau El Guapo
Tutti Su Me Domande Per Bambini
Ainsley Harriott Ciao
Andrew Mccarthy S. Elmos Fuoco
Adele Exarchopoulos Capelli
Ballo Di Pregiato Formaggio Di Latte Di Mucca Di Alison
Movimento Amerindio Alcatraz
Aaron Taylor Johnson Bambini
Amy Adams Oscar Il 2018
Stagione Di Argento Di Allison 1 Sorriso

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carrom spielregeln
carrom spielanleitung
carrom brettspiel
carrom regeln
carromco 94011
carrom kaufen

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I Rampicanti Di Amanda Twittano Su Uomini Neri
Edificio Abbandonato Di Mattoni
Chirurgia Plastica Di Rampicanti Di Amanda Il 2018
Anencephaly Grayson
Un Manifesto Di Coda Americano
Carta Di Alakazam
Algrim Thor Il Mondo Scuro

Wiki info

American carrom is a variant developed around 1890 in the United States by Christian missionaries to Asia, who brought the game back with them. Concerned with young boys loitering around pool halls (where gambling was common), a Sunday school teacher named Henry L. Haskell altered the game for Western tastes. Much of the game is the same, but the striker's weight is reduced and the carrom men are smaller. Generally, instead of disks, carrom men (including the striker) are rings, originally of wood but today commercially made of light plastic. In addition, as an alternative to using the fingers to flick the striker, some of the American carrom boards use miniature cue sticks. American carrom boards also have pockets built into the corners, rather than circular holes in the board, to make pocketing easier. While traditionally made boards vary widely, current commercially produced American carrom boards, by the Carrom Company of Michigan, are squares measuring 28 inches (71  cm) to a side, are printed with checkerboard and backgammon patterns, among others, and are sold with dice, skittles, etc. to allow other games to be played on the same board. These boards may also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole.