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Dio Di Drago Aereo
Gli Alice In DVD Di Paese Delle Meraviglie Coprono Il 1951
Impianto Di Erbaccia Ak 47
Al Pacino Figlio
Androide D'icona Di Rubrica Degli Indirizzi
Aria Anime Kanna
Progetti Africani
Citazioni Di Rapporto Offensive E Detti
Alieno Sul Biglietto Da Un Dollaro
Alec Baldwin Bimbo Di Figlia
Icona Di Componenti Di Alfabeto

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costume content
costume party world
customer journey
costume carnevale indiana
costume sur mesure luxembourg
costumes diy

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Uomo Di Ragno Sorprendente 2 Max Dillon
Angelina Jolie Billy Colpetto Thornton
American Airlines 767 300
An94 Disegno Di Ops 2 Nero
Carrettiere Di Fratello Di Bottaio Di Anderson

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In Bhutan there is a traditional national dress prescribed for men and women, including the monarchy. These have been in vogue for thousands of years and have developed into a distinctive dress style. The dress worn by men is known as Gho which is a robe worn up to knee-length and is fastened at the waist by a band called the Kera. The front part of the dress which is formed like a pouch, in olden days was used to hold baskets of food and short dagger, but now it is used to keep cell phone, purse and the betel nut called Doma. The dress worn by women consist of three pieces known as Kira, Tego and Wonju. The long dress which extends up to the ankle is Kira. The jacket worn above this is Tego which is provided with Wonju, the inner jacket. However, while visiting the Dzong or monastery a long scarf or stoll, called Kabney is worn by men across the shoulder, in colours appropriate to their ranks. Women also wear scarfs or stolls called Rachus, made of raw silk with embroidery, over their shoulder but not indicative of their rank.