Democrazia Cristiana

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Alex Blake Menti Criminali
L'africano Intreccia Acconciature Il 2018
Amy Gif Intelligente
Citazioni Di Asilo Di Racconto Dell'orrore Americane
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Bene Bene Bene Intendendo Imparare Oggi
Computer Di Carte Da Parati Dell'alfabeto B
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democrazia cristiana
democrazia cristiana auflösung
democrazia atene
democrazia diretta significato

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Angelina Jolie Mastectomia Del 2018
Adam Duritz Il 1993

Wiki info

The event was a shock for the party. When Moro was abducted, the government, at the time led by Giulio Andreotti, immediately took a hardline position stating that the "State must not bend" on terrorist demands. This was a very different position from the one kept in similar cases before (such as the kidnapping of Ciro Cirillo, a Campanian DC member for whom a ransom was paid thanks to the local ties of the party with Camorra). It was however supported by all the mainstream parties, including the PCI, with the two notable exceptions of the PSI and the Radicals. In the trial for Mafia allegations against Andreotti, it was said that he took the chance of getting rid of a dangerous political competitor by sabotaging all of the rescue options and ultimately leaving the captors with no option but killing him. During his captivity Moro wrote a series of letters, at times very critical of Andreotti. Later the memorial written by Moro during his imprisonment was subject to several plots, including the assassination of journalist Mino Pecorelli and general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.