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Adam Drexler
Alexandra Daddario Ragazzo Il 2019
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Logotipi Di Pallacanestro Di Adidas
Tempo Di Avventura Cosplay Fionna
Logotipo Di Riparo Di Aj Png
Gli Ali Di Angelo Tatuano Per Ragazze Su Stomaco
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labrador welpen
labrador in not
labrador retriever
labrador welpen kaufen
labrador kaufen
labrador züchter

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In 1499 and 1500, Portuguese explorers João Fernandes Lavrador and Pêro de Barcelos reached what was probably Labrador today and that is believed to be the origin of the name Labrador. Maggiolo’s World Map, 1511, shows a solid Eurasian continent running from Scandinavia around the North Pole, including Asia’s arctic coast, to Newfoundland-Labrador and Greenland. On the extreme northeast promontory of North America, Maggiolo place-names include Terra de los Ingres (Land of the English), and Terra de Lavorador de rey de portugall (Land of Lavrador of the King of Portugal). Further south, we notice Terra de corte real e de rey de portugall (Land of "Corte-Real" and of the King of Portugal) and terra de pescaria (Land for Fishing). In the 1532 Wolfenbüttel map, believed to be the work of Diogo Ribeiro, along the coast of Greenland, the following legend was added: As he who first sighted it was a farmer from the Azores Islands, this name remains attached to that country. This is believed to be João Fernandes. For the first seven decades or so of the sixteenth century, the name Labrador was sometimes also applied to what we know as Greenland. Labrador ("lavrador" in Portuguese) means husbandman or farmer of a tract of land (from "labour" in Latin) —the land of the labourer. European settlement was largely concentrated in coastal communities, particularly those south of St. Lewis and Cape Charles, and are among Canada's oldest European settlements.