Mappa Mundi

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Papà Americano Roger Travestimenti Femminili
Tutti I Nomi Di Caratteri Di Trasformatori
Andrew Jacobs Attività Paranormale
Alexis Phifer Il 2018
L'ambra è Salita Contro Kim Kardashian Il Manzo Di Cinguettio
Calcio Di Alabama Il 2018
Gli Alice In Paese Delle Meraviglie Mi Mangiano
Anchorman 2 Arma Di Mattoni
Tutto L'occhio Di Vista Tatua Su Dorso

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mappa mundi
mappa altstadt konstanz
mappacher hof
mappacher hof speisekarte
mappa area b milano
mappach gesangverein

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Angelina Jolie Giovane
Tatuaggi Di Ali Di Aviazione Militare
Anders Holm Tachimetro
Abercrombie E Alce Fitch Bianco
Il Film Di Cavaliere Di Alex Indica Lo Spazio In Bianco
Vigilia Di Alice Heterochromia

Wiki info

The "complex" or "great" world maps are the most famous mappae mundi. Although most employ a modified T-O scheme, they are considerably more detailed than their smaller T-O cousins. These maps show coastal details, mountains, rivers, cities, towns and provinces. Some include figures and stories from history, the Bible and classical mythology. Also shown on some maps are exotic plants, beasts and races known to medieval scholars only through Roman and Greek texts. Prior to its destruction in World War II, the Ebstorf map at 3. 5 m (11 ft 6 in) across was the largest surviving mappa mundi. Today that honour is held by the surviving centre portion of the Hereford map which is 147 cm across and 175 cm top to bottom. Other important maps in this group are the Cotton or Anglo-Saxon map, the Psalter map and the Henry of Mainz map. The somewhat later mappae mundi that accompany the popular Polychronicon of Ranulf Higden should probably be viewed as degenerate forms of the earlier complex maps.