Uomo Universale

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Maschera Tribale Africana
Carrettiere Di Fratello Di Bottaio Di Anderson
Copertura Di Presa D'aria Aerea
Bimbo Di Aishiteruze Yuzuyu E Shouta
Adrian Peterson Mvp Carta Da Parati
Materiale Illustrativo Indiano Antico
L'amy Adams Ha Incantato Il Vestito
Andy Biersack Come Un Bambino
Carta Da Parati Di Giustizia Di Samurai Afro
Ambra Tamblyn Carta Da Parati

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uomo universale
uomo cancro
uomo unterhosen herren
uomo boxershort
uomo parfum
uomo morto
uomo eau de toilette

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Vestiti Di Aquila Americani Per Ragazzi
Alex Morgan Lesione
Asciugamano Di Spiaggia Di Bandiera Americano
Amanda Lepore Prima Di E Poi
Mantide Di Fiore Africana

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Although polymathy and similar constructs like multipotentiality and multiple talents have gained wider coverage in the popular domain, polymathy, as a field of scientific study, is still at an early stage of development, with some researchers calling for more studies to further advance this construct and shed new light on topics such as creativity and education (e. g. , Shavinina, 2013; Sriraman, 2009). At present, researchers studying this topic come from backgrounds as diverse as psychology, physiology, mathematics, management and education. Although incipient, the extant studies can already demonstrate the importance of polymathy as a concept that can help enhance our understanding of human diversity and of the elements that underlie one of the most human of traits: creativity. This section presents an overview of the contributions of six contemporary scholarly authors to the understanding of the phenomenon of polymathy. The criterion to choose the authors included in this article was the existence of publications in academic outlets focusing on the concept of polymathy itself (and not, for instance, on the biographies of specific polymaths).